What We Do

Find joy, healing, self-expression and radiant health through movement and sound.

Yes, you can dance and sing your heart out anywhere, anytime -- and we encourage that as much as possible!
In Vibrance, we provide a safe, supportive and fun community to explore these practices deeper. You can look forward to learning:

  • Dance as a moving meditation practice

  • Tap into the liberated state of being a child

  • Your eight chakras and how to open them

  • Movements to embody earth, creativity, sexuality, power, heart, voice, vision, consciousness and to energize your aura

  • Move and dance through resistance and rigidity

  • Free your body from the issues held in your tissues

  • Transform fear into courage, curiosity and fascination

  • Frolic with delight

  • Allow your intuition and imagination to guide you to inspiration

  • The steps to move through the doorway of spinning, like a Whirling Dervish

  • Exercises to explore your breath and voice

  • Strengthen and detoxify your cardiovascular and respiratory systems

  • Tone your digestive and reproductive systems

  • How to tune your body instrument for effective singing, sounding and speaking

  • Free your voice and express the heart song you have deep inside

  • Why creating your own sound is superior to digital music

  • Where specific sounds vibrate in your body

  • Healing mantras and sacred songs from cultures around the world

  • Immerse yourself in the healing power of sound

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When do we practice

We dance and sing every day.  Check our calendar for upcoming events.  Vibrance is not just a practice, but a conscious lifestyle choice. Just as our ancestors, and tribes around the world today gather to sing and dance as a way to heal and connect with themselves and each other, so do we. 

Dance, like yoga, is an excellent way to start your day feeling energized, refreshed and ready.  Singing is as natural as speech, but more joyous and colorful.  We carry our voice as an instrument all of the time, everywhere we go.

With each teacher training, there are more teachers across the globe, more classes and introductions.  We host as many events as our schedules will allow us for you to come and experience Vibrance.

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Where to join us

We have programs and classes in Bali, China, Japan, the United States & a growing list of locations worldwide.

Find a Class near you or better yet, travel to one of our Workshops, Retreats or Teacher Training programs in an amazing location.

We believe the right environment in which to learn and heal is one where you may completely immerse yourself in the practice, free from common distractions.  Our teacher trainings take place in the beautiful Mimpi resort, Menjangan, Bali. 


Workshops take place in yoga and dance studios, festivals and similar suitable environments worldwide.  Our certified teachers are taught how to find and create an inviting and welcoming space for their class to provide a warm and comforting home for Vibrance



It is in our Nature.  Music is everywhere, from our phones, television, film, radio, theater, record players, in bars, clubs, festivals, social gatherings, live and recorded.

Dance began long before modern music.  It is a natural intuition to move and explore expression through our body, to paint a picture or tell a story through the vessel of our soul.

The human voice is the foundation of all music. Singing pre-dates the history of spoken language.  Man and woman would sing out their feelings long before they were able to express themselves through word.

Dance and Song are universal languages which allow us to communicate with anyone on this planet.

Dance is not unique to humans.  Honeybees, Cockatoos, Dung Beatles and even the Peacock Spider dance as a way of communicating or mating ceremony.  Similarly we hear birds sing, as do whales and certain breeds of frogs, squirrels, even bats.

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Who to learn from or Practice with

Vibrance has 3 tiers of teacher; Trainers, Teachers and Provisional Teachers.  Our core faculty consists of trainers and founding members Ellen Watson, Daphne Tse & Ashley Johnson.

We have over 30 approved teachers spreading Vibrance in their villages, towns and cities around the world.

We have close to 100 provisional teachers who have spent time with us and are on their path to becoming a teacher.  You may experience Vibrance with any of us!  Simply find a class near you, or travel to one of our amazing locations for a retreat or Teacher Training module.