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5 March - 22 March, 2021

Teachers: Ellen Watson, Ashley Johnson & Daphne Tse
Translation: Shinnosuke Ide - Japanese, Novie Amalo - Indonesian, Mana Wong - Mandarin 
Location: Mimpi Resort, Menjangan, Bali

Join Ellen and Daphne, in Bali, at Mimpi for this 200-Hour Teacher Training.  Both Yoginis with thousands of hours of practice and teaching under their belts, Daphne and Ellen developed VIBRANCE to awaken students and teachers alike to the idea that music, mantra, breath, dance, and asana are all yoga. These time honored embodiment practices are designed to connect you to your own personal power, strength, and authenticity. 


With their expertise and unique gifts Daphne & Ellen will guide you in daily practices that tune your personal musical instrument - your Body. Through use of Vibrance’s map of the 8 Chakras & the 8 Senses, we become vibrating, pulsing, energized, awake, engaged, inspired, intuitive and imaginative.


​User friendly for all levels of experience, both students and teachers alike are inspired  to reclaim your unique creative self-expression.


In our 2020 teacher training, Ellen Watson and Daphne Tse, the co-creators of Vibrance, combine their 50 years of study, practice and teaching a variety of moving meditation, somatic and expressive arts practices.  We will work together in sharing, educating, and nurturing you, whether you are interested in personal development, deepening your practice, or professional vocational training.

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This course offers the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the arts of singing, sounding, breathing, dancing and building community. You will learn powerful teaching and facilitation skills, such as class theming, the craft of DJing, anatomy of movement, and understanding how energy and sound move into and through your body.

We will guide you toward your own unique expression as a practitioner or a facilitator of this incredible and personal evolutionary path. 
Singing and dancing are the oldest spiritual practices on our planet.  Vibrance brings these ancient healing techniques into the modern world.  Discover your body as a musical instrument, empowering you to be in vibrant, radiant health.

Vibrance fuses cross-cultural spiritual and philosophical truths with Western psychology and modern scientific research.  A fusion of the eight chakras and the five elements, we begin with the root chakra, powered by your breath and your heartbeat. 

Accessible to everyone, this moving meditation invites you to realize physical and metaphysical fitness by opening your heart, freeing your voice, letting go of the past, exploring your breath, strengthening and detoxifying your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and toning your digestive and reproductive systems.

When we sing, the breath, heart, mind and body resonate together. SoulSong uncovers the songs in our hearts and awakens our true voice. You can learn to use your voice as medicine -- no musical background required.

SoulSong’s natural pranayama exercises invite sound from all parts of your body, your musical instrument, opening space, new vitality and balance. 

SoulSong is an experiential practice that creates a safe space for everyone to express the heart song they have deep inside, waiting to be shared with the world. Tap into the liberated state of being a child, open your throat chakra, and immerse yourself in the healing power of sound.

Through movement, music, breath, sound, song and visualization, we can transform ourselves, our relationships, our communities and our planet. This is the intention of Vibrance.

  • VIBRANCE: Resonance and Reciprocity
    Fri, Jun 19
    Mimpi Resort, Menjangan, Bali
    Jun 19, 2020, 8:00 AM GMT+8 – Jun 27, 2020, 12:00 PM GMT+8
    Mimpi Resort, Menjangan, Bali, Menjangan, Bali
    Resonance & Reciprocity (R & R) with Module III: Serve  - 60 hr. Teacher Training option that applies toward mentorship program hours for VIBRANCE Guides who wish to work towards becoming a VIBRANCE Instructor. 
  • VIBRANCE: Expressive Arts
    Wed, Jun 10
    Mimpi Resort, Menjangan, Bali
    Jun 10, 2020, 9:00 AM GMT+8 – Jun 18, 2020, 3:00 PM GMT+8
    Mimpi Resort, Menjangan, Bali, Menjangan, Bali
    This retreat/immersion will focus on the 5th chakra - Vishuddha which is the gateway chakra between the body and spirit. Opening and exercising this chakra strengthens the connection with your own inner truth and your ability to express it in the world.
  • Vibrance: Elements
    Sun, May 31
    Mimpi Resort, Menjangan, Bali
    May 31, 2020, 8:00 AM GMT+8 – Jun 09, 2020, 12:00 PM GMT+8
    Mimpi Resort, Menjangan, Bali, Menjangan, Bali
    Elemental and Base Chakra Immersion/Retreat **Completion of this module will qualify you to be a VIBRANCE Elements class guide when taken with Teacher Training addition.**

Now an Internationally renowned Somatic Arts Educator, Ellen began her studies and practices in the 1980’s at The Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA. Ellen rebirthed and directed Esalen’s Movement Arts program, studied, practiced and joined the faculty of Esalen®Massage & Bodywork.


Daphne Tse is a spirited, soulful musician and teacher. After falling in love with yoga more than 20 years ago, she has explored merging her spiritual practice with her music, combining mantras, folk and world music.   


Ashley believes in the power of music, dance, story and song to facilitate wellness in a culture, vibrance in the individual and change in the world. She is a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. 


Mimpi Resort, Menjangan, Bali

On the North-West coast of Bali in the village of Banyuwedang, Mimpi looks out towards the Menjangan Island.  The area is notorious as a hot-spot for diving and snorkelling and just a little further down the coast a regular dolphin hangout.

Mimpi's most special feature is its waters, as the resort is built across land with several natural hot springs.  The careful architecture and landscaping makes for several shared natural hot spring pools across the 3 hectares of land.  Inevitably the water and it's high mineral content is totally refreshing, rejuvenating and holds it's own healing qualities.  For us the pools are perfect for aquatic bodywork, where we dance in the water to feel true fluidity.


Mimpi's standard room is the patio.  Stylishly finished and available with twin or double beds these rooms are home for most of our students through programs and regularly receive excellent feedback. The rooms are spacious and very comfortable, making them easy to share with another guest whilst maintaing plenty of personal space.


The Courtyard Villa is a pleasant and affordable upgrade to the patio room. With it's own garden and it's own private hot spring tub, the CY Villa is a taste of luxury. 

The CYV also has an additional mezzanine that is perfect for families with children or private space for meditation.

A further addition is the private garden terrace and outdoor seating area making this ideal for sitting in the open air sunshine whilst keeping some peaceful solitude, alone or with your partner.  If booking a shared space in this room category, you must book with a