Retreat & Teacher Training

Mimpi Resort

Bali, Indonesia

5 - 22 March



Per person

Ellen Watson

& Daphne Tse

Event Info

Become present with where you are in your life.  Identify the stories, patterns and fears that are limiting your experience.  Imagine, sense, and envision the life you know is possible, and then dance, sing, laugh, float, vibrate, connect, cry, spin, pray and play your way to that embodied vision you have for yourself and the world. 

Class & Course Content


The Elements Retreat & Teacher Training is focused around the following chakras:

Muladhara: Earth

Root & Ground


Swadistana: Water

Sense, Feel, Contact


Manipura: Fire

Express, Ignite, Empower


Anahata: Air

Freedom & Curiosity



Materials and outcomes for this program include:


  • A Script for Guiding a Vibrance: Embodied Elements class

  • Playlist for an Embodied Elements class

  • Knowledge of how to set and hold space for a group

  • Connection to one of our mentors for post program support

  • Ability to dance as a meditation practice:
    Put your mind in your feet/body

  • Ability to lead a group to sing a simple song




Click a teacher below for full bios.  Vibrance faculty each have decades of experience in both practicing and teaching Vibrance and related practices.


Ellen Watson


Daphne Tse

Vibrance is a powerful healing journey through music as a somatic art. 


You may prefer to experience Vibrance for yourself as an amazing getaway, allowing you to return to daily life refreshed and vibrant, with your energy cup not only full but overflowing... 


...Or you may wish to join the additional Teacher Training classes and be a part of our global faculty spreading this amazing practice far and wide.

Retreat or Teacher Training?

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Sample Itinenary


Our itinerary adapts to the flow of the program and cultural events.  This gives an idea of a typical day on a Vibrance Retreat or Teacher Training.

Arrival Day

Travel to Mimpi Resort

Group Introduction

Welcome Dinner

Relax in Hot Springs