Dates: 31st May -  9th June 2020

Location: Bali, Indonesia

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Elemental and Base Chakra Immersion/Retreat

**Completion of this module will qualify you to be a VIBRANCE Elements class guide when taken with Teacher Training addition.**

"The first chakra is earth, steady and grounded; the second chakra, water, brings a fertile creativity; the third chakra is the “fire in the belly” required to transform that grounded creativity into positive action; The fourth chakra is air which integrates the understanding of love, compassion, and connection to everything you encounter. "

 - STEPHANIE SNYDER of Yoga Journal -

This Retreat/Module will focus on the VIBRANCE Embodied Elements class map as a way to:

  • Become present with where you are in your life

  • Identify the stories, patterns and fears that are limiting your experience

  • Imagine, sense, and envision the life you know is possible 

  • And then dance, sing, laugh, float, vibrate, connect, cry, spin, pray and play your way to that embodied vision you have for yourself and the world. 

Muladhara Chakra: Earth

What images emerge when you think, Root & Ground?

Swadistana Chakra: Water

Sense, Feel, Contact, Enter, Explore, Express

Manipura Chakra: Fire

Express, Ignite, Empower are the call to embodying Manipura Chakra.

Anahata Chakra: Air

Forgive, Freedom, Fly  • • • Connection, Communication, Change, Curiosity


Now an Internationally renowned Somatic Arts Educator, Ellen began her studies and practices in the 1980’s at The Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA. Ellen rebirthed and directed Esalen’s Movement Arts program, studied, practiced and joined the faculty of Esalen®Massage & Bodywork.


Daphne Tse is a spirited, soulful musician and teacher. After falling in love with yoga more than 20 years ago, she has explored merging her spiritual practice with her music, combining mantras, folk and world music.   


Ashley believes in the power of music, dance, story and song to facilitate wellness in a culture, vibrance in the individual and change in the world. She is a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. 




07:00 Breakfast

09:00 Workshop

15:00 Dance

19:00 Dinner





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Take the retreat option to relax, restore, enjoy Mimpi hot springs, massages and all this place has to offer with 2 daily Vibrance classes!